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The PowerLine PowerCup Mobile Inverter converts your car's 12V DC power supply to 120 VAC at 200W. GetdatGadget.com/powerline-powercup-mobile-inverter/

PowerCup DC to AC Power Inverter: Instantly equips your vehicle with two AC outlets and a USB charging port.

Triple Port Cactus Style USB Car Charger

Triple Port Cactus Style USB Car Charger

Triple Port Cactus Style USB Car Charger - Aromeco Air Freshener Car Wardrobe Freshener Toilet Freshener Room Freshener Handbag Freshener Scented Sachet Luxury Fragrance - Berries, Delight, Tropical Present Pack of 3

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18 Productos que provocarán que pases más tiempo en el suelo

Funny pictures about Epic Transformable Pad For Lazy Living. Oh, and cool pics about Epic Transformable Pad For Lazy Living. Also, Epic Transformable Pad For Lazy Living photos.

15 Creative USB Hubs and Unusual USB Hub Designs

It is easy for us to understand the meanings of the "Toaster USB Hub" and "Toast Flash Drives" literally. The Toaster USB Hub is shaped like a teeny toaster, while the Toast Flash Drives looks like a piece of toast that varies in different flavors.


iPhone MiniDock Power Adapter Designed by BlueLounge

The Power Strip for USB Gadgets

USB Power Strip - USB strip to connect all your gadgets

Why can't you get one Queenie?? There's an 'order' button right there! @Helen Palmer Palmer Palmer Westwood

I have this towel warmer - nothing is more satisifying than getting a warm towel after you bath or shower but this particular warmer doesnt keep the towel warming long enough. by the time im out of the shower the towel is almost room temp again.

Coffee Cup Warmer

Brookstone Mug Warmer - Enjoy warm coffee or tea, from first sip to last.

Amazing ideas of awesome - FunSubstance.com

Amazing ideas full of awesome Maybe some sort of wine wall between kitchen and living room if we tear down the bookcase.

Air is everywhere on the earth. The flowing air can change the moving path of the object. The faster the air moves, the greater the energy is. The jet airflow can isolate some objects. So when we make use of the airflow, we can protect ourselves from the rain drops. Then the airflow forms an umbrella without a visible cover.

Air Umbrella Uses Airflow to Cover You from Rain Drops

I need this for work - since umbrellas don't work here. Air Umbrella - Produces an "air curtain" that blocks the rain. so cool, and way less hassle than an ordinary umbrella!

i can't wait to get these because i'm totally addicted to the instagram and hipstamatic apps! cell phone camera telephoto, fisheye and wide/macro lenses to work with most cell cameras. $49 for all three.

Photojojo's Magnetic Phone Lens Series

Lenses for your cell phone camera.they stick to your phone magnetically when you want to use them to take pics. Fisheye, Macro, Wide Angle and Telephoto Phone Lenses Pro-style lenses with high quality glass for phone pics with a serious punch.

keychain charger. Could be perfect for music festivals, long hikes, or camping. - Adventure Time

Universal Micro USB and Apple iPhone Belt clip charger

Keychain iPhone Charger - Perfect for music festivals, long hikes, camping, etc.

The Container Store > MiniDock™

iPhone Mini Dock / Blue Lounge-----If I had an apple product I would rather this then regular charging.

Soluciones que sabía que podrían existir jeje

Random cool ideas for space savers and gadgets around the house

Great for students...

Funny pictures about Pencil sharpener recycles pencil shavings to create erasers. Oh, and cool pics about Pencil sharpener recycles pencil shavings to create erasers. Also, Pencil sharpener recycles pencil shavings to create erasers photos.

Plug-in USB Wall Outlets - I need some of these, they just plug into your wall outlet, changing a standard wall outlet into one standard plug and 2 usb plugs

Winner of a Best Innovations Award at the Consumer Electronics Show, these are the AC wall outlets with two built-in USB ports. Eliminating the need to tether AC adapters to devices at home, the units simply plug into existing grounded wall outlet