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Algerian war pin by Paolo Marzioli

Angela Merkel wants to punish Russia

Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande call for new sanctions on Russia over Ukraine conflict

During the Algerian War, the propaganda was that it was a conflict of Vietnamese against Algerian into which the US threw their weight on the side of democracy and freedom.

Typical pic of war in Algeria : french paratroopers from 3ème RPC (Colonial paratroopers Regiment) in patrol.

Never forget. War bespeaks exceptional circumstances and is also naturalized as part of the human condition: there will always be war(s). War is then awful and normal; universal and yet unique. Each war is both similar and different to a previous one; it is both changed and static. The Vietnam War is different than the Afghan and Iraq wars, and not. Each war is defined by and defines anew its racialized gender power relations. And these power relations are defined by early globa

Gorilla Shooting Petition Calls For Child's Parents To Be Held Responsible

I understand peoples anger at the mother.....there was sufficient time she should have noticed he was gone. But what about the zoo people themselves. Shouldn't they have dart guns for problems like these. That way the gorilla could have been saved to.ww