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Hard to believe a person can be as ugly on the inside and the outside, Really. Rich bitch had all that money never did a kind thing and kept that face. Ugly through and through!

Republican trying to look like they care for those less fortunate among us, and failing miserably. Like they can put lipstick on a pig...but it's still a pig.

Gives 16 yr old drunk driver who killed 4 people probabtion instead of prison because of "Alfuenza" (too rich to understand his actions)

Truth be told... The angry, fearful, selfish and greedy right wing Republicans who have lost their capacity for compassion.

Pink Champagne Cake

Pink Champagne Cake with Pink Champagne Buttercream ~ This elegant dessert, with it’s moist champagne infused layers & delicious buttercream is perfect for weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries, New Year’s Eve, or any occasion that calls for something special.

Art Laffer, Asshole of the Day for January 9, 2014 by TeaPartyCat (Follow @TeaPartyCat) Fox News has a never-ending parade of people who seem to think the minimum wage is just fine, and then give some example of how they did fine 40 years ago when it was actually higher when you account for inflation. Then there’s the “economic experts” who think the minimum wage shouldn’t exist at all because businesses would create lots more jobs at even less...

Caramel Twix Poke Cake

Caramel twix poke cake dessert - so moist and sweet! Perfect for summer or a treat to bring to a party. You could also use butterfingers, or snickers.

Paul Krugman quote. "What about the theory, common on the right, that we have so much unemployment thanks to government programs that , in effect, pay people not to work? The basic answer is, you have to be kidding. Do you really believe that Americans are living lives of leisure on $134. a month?" Vote the GOP OUT!