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European (German) riveted mail hauberk, 15th century, shown with a pavise (shield): Decorated with arms of Enns, Austria, mid 15th century. Frazier International History Museum.

European riveted mail hauberk, 15th to 16th century, probably German, all wedge riveted mail with a thick dense collar made with smaller links that transitions into larger links on the body. This is the only know example of a European hauberk that was used in Samurai era Japan, it is black lacquered in the Japanese style. (nanban kusari katabira / foreign chain armor jacket)

Mail shirt and sword Western Europe, 15th century (mail shirt) and 12-13th century (sword

European riveted mail bishops mantle (pellegrina di maglia anelli), detail view of the shoulder, 16th century, wedge rivets with bands of brass links, this armor is being displayed inside out as the wedge shaped rivets would normally not be seen on the outside, Museo delle Armi "Luigi Marzoli" (Brescia) Italy. P3.