Alright, I tried it and it kind of worked. All you do is wet your hair, rub soft pastel chalk all over it, let it air dry, and then go over it with a straightener or curling iron to seal the color. Pretty legit :)

This is something I'm going to have to do one of these days.

Amazing Oil Slick Hair Color

Jamie! We have to do this!!

blonde to cotton candy ombre

I like how you can see her natural colour at the roots then the bleached roots and then the colour.

Peacock hair easy to do with chalk pastels. step 1: wet strand of hair that you want colored. 2. rub chalk on wet hair till colored 3. let dry 4. brush hair lightly 5: avoid water till you want the colors out.

"crazy hair" get colored chalk and soak the chalk in water then add it to your hair and its instant color and washable - great for Halloween!

Rainbow Hair! Nouveau Shampoo straight from the Hair Salons on Rue Notre Dame in Paris. Work this new luxurious shampoo into your locks and Volia!! Rainbow Locks check out New Beijing Market before it sells out!!

Create this cool hair fashion trend at home with the easy homemade hair chalk DIY @clubchicacircle

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Wanna Brighten your days? Try change your hair color ! Shop human hair extensions from DIY the color you want!

Purple, pink and orange hair

Use one crayola chalk piece (smashed into powder I used a Baggie and a hammer) mix into air tight container (if making it ahead of time the air tight container will keep it from drying out) use 2 tablespoons CLEAR hair gel, and you have a temporary hair color for boys,or girls for crazy hair day! Washes out with warm water in the shower. This makes just enough for a boys short hair, use more for more hair. I created this because I couldn't find a temporary color that wouldn't stain. He loved...

WATER COLOR HYDRATING HAIR MASQUE - there's a new nourishing way to get your favorite hue and it won't rub off on your clothes! Hooray!!! I've always wanted to have some sort of pink in hair. Problem is I'm to chicken to actually do it lol. This might be kinda fun

Chalk your dark hair for colour - wash out next day...great idea for halloween & kids

i have on my bucket list for summer 2013 to dye my hair with a crazy color in it, so this is exactly what i'm going to do :)

close your eyes: Włosy różne cz. 7 (Brązowe, ombre, czerwone itp.)

Fancy - Ombre Hair Chalk

chalked hair (just don't dry it with a hair drier!)