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20 Seriously Beast Pictures Of Skulls

20 Seriously Beast Pictures Of Skulls

Chloe kissed her son, Brady, goodnight. She double locked the doors and turned off the lights. It was almost eleven pm - the time when Brady woke up screaming in a nightmare. The 25-year-old mom grabbed her blanket, pillow, a flashlight, and her licensed handgun. If anyone was coming after her or her toddler, they'd be shot dead in a moment's notice.

"They hurt him. And I will tear apart every single person who has ever hurt him." ~ Talya about Rafe

Look da noite  #dicasdemodaofficial

Look da noite #dicasdemodaofficial

Open with Meg -))"okay I give in I'll let you know what you want to know just let me see my daughters" I pleaded-I look up weakly but then see its you trying to rescue me-I give a weak smile-"thought you didn't care"-I whisper-

" Booker spit blood in the mans face, earning him a solid punch to the abdomen. Well, there goes another rib. The man smiled, "You don't know her as well as I do then.

zilleniose: Phanniemay day 3: Ghost king

zilleniose: “ Phanniemay day Ghost king with the commission backlog I won’t be able to participate all month but I couldn’t pass up this one!