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Jenny Hughes
Jenny Hughes • 2 years ago

Time out bottle!

  • Misty Roulston
    Misty Roulston • 1 year ago

    Some of these comments are appalling....and shocking....

  • Katie Jones
    Katie Jones • 1 year ago

    I just told my mom about this...and her reply was "glitter is a reward on every planet known to man." And she is right. Glitter is a reward. And it is not about getting time to play with the toy. It is the fact that parents are too lazy to actually discipline their children. I read the story associated with this article. She didn't want to watch a timer? Seriously? How hard is it to set an actual timer? And I have used the method I described on young children. And it works. Believe me. They can learn to self-calm and how to behave. It takes time but they will eventually stop their tantrum on their own...especially if you do not play into it. Read a parenting book. Any parenting book. And it will say the same.

  • Sarah Ward Was Henderson

    These would be good for a sensory child xxx

  • Grace Harp
    Grace Harp • 1 year ago

    i think this is good if you are babysitting children. because you should never spank someone else's child.

  • Sarah Ward Was Henderson

    REALLY?? is this place for all this negativity?? REALLY? Take whatever you can from a post and use it positively! PLAY NICE!

  • Dawn Palmer
    Dawn Palmer • 1 year ago

    After reading this it seems that a few adults could use this timeout bottle!

  • Yasmin Myrick
    Yasmin Myrick • 1 year ago

    i also have a 1, 2, & 3 year old , & i would totally use this to clam them down, rather then beating them!

  • Melissa
    Melissa • 1 year ago

    And THIS is why 6 year olds are getting arrested.

  • Joy Henderson
    Joy Henderson • 1 year ago

    While I don't think this would be cool for my kids, I can see it working on a few kids of my friends who would need this just to focus somewhere while in time out, instead of continued tantrums. I don't see it so much as a reward, but just a tool to dial down the madness. I should also mention, I have 3 boys and have made it 6 1/2 years without spanking any of them, and believe me, they are all very well behaved little guys. You needn't hit a child to instill respect.

  • Sarah-Jo Dean
    Sarah-Jo Dean • 1 year ago

    This actually works!!!! And they don't see it as a toy! :) great idea!!

  • Melissa Deeter
    Melissa Deeter • 1 year ago

    Read "Moody Cow Meditates". Stop the issue before it escalates into behavioral problems.

  • Stacie Lopeman
    Stacie Lopeman • 1 year ago

    Brain research (read anything by Becky A. Bailley) shows that a child in a tantrum is stuck in the most primitive part of the brain. For the child to start to think about the situation, they must calm themselves and begin using the whole brain. This tool seems to do the job for this mom, so why knock it? I imagine this child is much more able to understand how to correct her behavior after time outs now.

  • Kelly Dunn
    Kelly Dunn • 1 year ago

    I've spanked my children and I have to say that knowing they are crying or upset because I did that to them does not feel like they are being disciplined nor does it feel good to know I caused that. I would much rather use this method. I was spanked, guess what, I still didnt listen. The only thing kids learn from a spanking is how to be violent and hold back their emotions. Ive given my daughter a stress ball during time out, shes 3, & she never asks for it as a toy but uses it to calm down during time out, instead of throwing tantrums, hitting etc. It works. . . incase anyone was wondering the stress ball idea was a pinterest idea . . play doh in a balloon. I swear by it :)

  • Melissa Robinson
    Melissa Robinson • 1 year ago

    A timeout is designed to give a child time to themselves. It is not designed as a punishment. Time outs should be used for redirection and getting a child focused on what they can do to improve a situation. These bottles seem like a great way to accomplish all of these things.

  • April Johnson
    April Johnson • 1 year ago

    I have spanked my children, and all 5 are perfectly healthy. Mind body and soul, but this bottle thiing is awesome I will probably do it for mine and use it for public redirection! Thanks for the pin!

  • Rhea
    Rhea • 1 year ago

    People don't understand that the word discipline and the word punishment mean different things. Kelly is right. Spankings are an outlet for anger, not a method for teaching.

  • Holly Smith
    Holly Smith • 1 year ago

    When I was a teacher (22 years of K & Pre-K) I had an "hour glass', a three minute egg-timer. I gave the child the timer and they had to hold it until the sand ran out and then they were allowed to return to activities without me telling them. Many times I had children that stayed sitting and would turn it back over again. When they focused on something calming they settled.

  • Robyn Moore
    Robyn Moore • 1 year ago

    oh good lord people chill out. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when it comes to putting other people down for what they believe it's best to keep your opinions to your SELF. No 2 parents "parent" the same. It would have been nice to read the info attached to this post but apparently some immature individual that felt it necessary to force their opinion flagged this. Nice.

  • ColorMeCupcake
    ColorMeCupcake • 1 year ago

    Every child responds differently to different kinds of discipline. "spanking" doesn't mean hurting a child for crying out loud (unless that is what you're intending then maybe as a parent, you're the one who needs this bottle) but seriously, some kids need more rigid of a structure while others don't. every parent is different with their parenting style just like every child has a different personality and responds differently to emotions and distress.

  • Liana Schaefer
    Liana Schaefer • 1 year ago

    Well I have seen alot of children over 27 years of In Home Daycare.. some perfect..... some respectful,,,,, some BRATS!!!!! and the brts need a smack on the bottom so bad...... because its just what t he need ..... to bad I dont spank.... Being a severely abused child myself...... but a spank on the bottom..... it just is what some children need....... BTW I have a 27 yr old son.... spanked one time on his Diaper........ hes a amazing person.... and cant wait for me to watch he and my daughter in laws 1st baby...... Each child is like a snowflake..NO 2 alike......

  • Poppy Seeds
    Poppy Seeds • 1 year ago

    I made one of these for my kid. I give it to her not instead of a time out but when I see her getting all riled up and I know she needs to slow it down.

  • Jen Nelson
    Jen Nelson • 1 year ago

    You can still read the article. Just follow the link embedded in the photo. Which is the point of Pinterest by the way.

  • Susan Walker
    Susan Walker • 1 year ago

    Wow, glitter is causing some much drama. My students with autism LOVE these. I made 5 last week, and I guess a few more this week to for them to take home.

  • Angie Baur
    Angie Baur • 1 year ago

    Super Nanny also says you get a timer. That's all this is, a timer. I think it's a cool visual for younger children who don't understand the counting down numbers.

  • Cameron Davis
    Cameron Davis • 1 year ago

    Spankings teach kids lessons! Have you noticed that people got in a lot less trouble back when they still gave pops at school?? You people are crazy that say that pops are wrong. I've been popped plenty of times and I've learned my lesson. They know the pain coming their way of they do something bad. And nowadays pops might as well be the worst thing in the world. Geez people..

  • Jessica Jonas
    Jessica Jonas • 1 year ago

    um yeah i dont think you should pop your child....sounds abusive...

  • Deb Heyden
    Deb Heyden • 1 year ago

    Wow, some interesting comments. I know that being a good parent is one of the most difficult things in the world to do...and do correctly. I raised my kids with time outs, spankings and a thing called "1, 2, 3 magic". What I learned is that no one way do disciple always works. What works on a 2 yr old might no have the same results at age 4. ( I know...a bit obvious!) As a number of people have mentioned, disciplining a child is best done when the PARENT is calmed! For me, when my boys were around 5 And up, 1,2,3 magic was the absolute best. I think we can all agree that everyone has different parenting styles with varying degrees of success...but the most important goal is to have a loving and respectful relationship with a disciplined child. Good luck to all you new parents. My only warning is this...if you don't have a good handle on your young'll never get it as they enter their teen years!

  • Tracy Sztanya
    Tracy Sztanya • 1 year ago

    @ those who feel a good swat on the bottom is "abusive"...I don't know what world you're living in, but as a teacher, I have seen all sorts of kids who would benefit from their PARENTS (not me) giving them a good ol' fashioned "whooping". It doesn't have to be a hard smack on the bottom. There is a difference in a spanking and beating your child! I got a few spankings and I'm happy to say that I turned out to be a great society member myself. I do like the comment above where kids in time out used the sand timer to calm themselves. And I think (without reading this article) the above glitter bottle we're all discussing would be good with autistic kids who have great difficulty calming down. That said, a spanking every now and then won't scar your child for life!

  • Nadene Kridel
    Nadene Kridel • 1 year ago

    Hey! This is soo wonderful - I'd really dig it if you visited myyy account:-P xx

  • Kendra Morrison
    Kendra Morrison • 1 year ago

    make your kid wash a damn wall. ny hell people.

  • Alissa Baumann
    Alissa Baumann • 1 year ago

    oh brilliant!!

  • Ruby Dedman
    Ruby Dedman • 1 year ago

    Great idea.

  • Sarah Evans
    Sarah Evans • 1 year ago

    I don't think spanking is abusive. I'm 19, and I was spanked when I was younger and once was all it took. If I did something wrong, I got a pop on the bottom and I didn't do it again. Kids nowadays just get a stern "No, no dear, that's bad." and you turn around and they're doing it again. Like Tracy said, there's a difference between spanking and beating your child. Kids these days are out of control, and it's because of the lack if control parents have over their kids. I fear having kids for the simple fact that parents can't discipline their children, and they are allowed to run around and do what ever they want. And some how when the child messes up, it's the parents fault.

  • Holly James
    Holly James • 1 year ago

    im gonna make this just for toys in time out sorry!

  • Tracy Patryas-Love
    Tracy Patryas-Love • 1 year ago

    @ Ronda Atwell how do you make this? what are the ingredients?

  • Andrea Hanger
    Andrea Hanger • 1 year ago

    I agree with sarah

  • Sarah Cole
    Sarah Cole • 1 year ago

    Sarah, I totally agree with you. Bad behaved children are the parents fault. My mom only had to spank me once and I respected her, time out is a joke for parents who don't care if their child respects them

  • Chavon Roman
    Chavon Roman • 1 year ago

    I don't believe the child is allowed to touch the bottle...just watch it settle back's meant to calm the child down. WOW....a lot of you obviously do not have children or send your kid to daycare and don't raise them daily. My children are not bad behaved...they are 3.5yrs and 18mths. They get spanked...they get time out, but they are beyond hyper active and come off as impossible to outsiders or those that do not understand their situation/temperment. My children are sweet and are in fact good children, but this would be good to get them to calm down when they start to get to hyper.

  • Darlin Bustos
    Darlin Bustos • 1 year ago

    I still don't get what this is for.

  • Kayla Williams
    Kayla Williams • 1 year ago

    Perfectly said, Sarah!

  • Angela Robinson
    Angela Robinson • 1 year ago

    Okay first thing I never hit my son ever. Spanking is hitting. My son is a well behaved teen now. To the comment Sarah had, bad behaved children are the parents fault. That is a heavy statement. I have several friends who have autisitc children, if you didn't know these incredible moms, you might see them in public and think thier kids are "bad behaved" and that it's the parents fault. The older I get the less I judge anyone elses family. You just never have the full story. Those "brats" might have behavioral disorders. Sometimes it might just be that the parents simply don't know how to parent. No kid comes with a manual.

  • Heather Alderman
    Heather Alderman • 1 year ago

    I don't think this is used for an actual punishment. I made one for my 3 year old son. Its for times when they are very hyper and you want them to calm down... instead of sitting them down in front of the tv, shake this up and have them sit down and watch the glitter swirl around. It soothes them and calms them down. When my son does something bad, like hit or push, he stands with his nose in the corner. No glittery jar to look at, but when I just want him to calm down when I notice he is getting very hyper, I have him sit down on the couch and play with this. If I gave it to him during a temper tantrum, he would throw it, no doubt about it. I call mine the "calm down jar" not a time out bottle. The corner is time out..

  • Ashley Flesch
    Ashley Flesch • 1 year ago

    Amen Angela Robinson!

  • Cristina Vizcarra
    Cristina Vizcarra • 1 year ago

    A behavioral disorder is a very specific exception, and kudos to all the moms out there who struggle everyday. BUT I don't believe that is the case for the most part. The kid talking back and insulting the parent while running around trashing a store is COMPLETELY the parents fault. My mom would have never allowed that, and because I knew I would get spanked, I never did it. Spanking may not be every moms method of choice, but parents need to discipline their children.

  • Heather Alderman
    Heather Alderman • 1 year ago

    I was just thinking about this and everyone is constantly saying that kids "now a days" are out of control because parents don't spank like they used to, but have you ever considered the fact that also, now a days, parents rarely make time for their children. Most kids are raised by daycare centers and have zero stability at home. All of that affects childrens behavior and it's not all due to parents not spanking. There are so many differences from parenting when we were kids to parenting now. Divorce is A LOT more common now, as well as children being raised by people other than their parents. Most kids with working parents only spend 3-4 hours per day, max with their parents... I think stability in the childs life has a lot more to do with their attitude than whether or not they are spanked.

  • Jill Flechler
    Jill Flechler • 1 year ago

    Too many people this dumb shit like this is effective indiscipline. That's why most kids are little monsters wreaking havoc wherever they go.

  • Jennifer Wagoner
    Jennifer Wagoner • 1 year ago

    I suppose most you do not have a child with special needs this not so much a time out bottle as for say something to help your child calm down.

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