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Take a spray bottle, fill it about 1/8th full with rubbing alcohol, add a drop of Dawn dishwashing soap, a few drops of scented oil (optional, but makes it smell so good), fill the rest of the way with water, shake together, and you're good to go! It makes your granite (or any countertop) shine and feel so smooth at a fraction of the price~I have loved it and use it on my appliances as well.


DIY Air Freshener

DIY Air Freshener: 1 cup water (not pictured), 2 tablespoons alcohol, 20-30 drops essential oil/s, 1 tablespoon of baking soda

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How to: Stop Pet Accidents!

1 TBS Eucalyptus or Cinnamon essential oil 1 TBS Cayenne pepper 2 c Water Clean the area that has been soiled. Avoid using ammonia based products to clean dog urine. Dog urine has ammonia in it and he/she may be encouraged to go in the same area. Remember, your dog’s sense of smell is a hundred times better than yours.

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Homemade Ice Melt: Safe for Pets & Concrete

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No Streaks Here! DIY Mirror Cleaner: Instead of spending money on name-brand window cleaners for mirrors, DIY your own that leaves your reflectors so clean — with just one quick wipe.

Homemade liquid laundry soap! An empty (around 1 gallon) container, 1 cup liquid Dr. Bronner's Soap, 1 cup baking soda, 30 drops essential oil (optional). fill it up with warm water the rest of the way. Shake. use 1/4 cup per load.