Making House a Home. Realistic cleaning schedule for people who can't devote all day every day to doing a different set of chores.

I personally tried this and it definitely works. I accidently left out the dish soap and it doesn't work without it. Once I added the dish soap, the gnats were heading straight for it!! How to get rid of gnats in your home. DIY gnat trap. Really works!

The Most Amazing Carpet Deodorizer Ever!! Check it out! Just tried this out. It really works. I put it in an empty spaghetti sauce jar and punch hole in the lid to sprinkle evenly on the carpet.

1 part white vinegar 1 part distilled water You can mix up these 2 ingredients and store it in a spray bottle, but DO NOT SPRAY it directl...

These 8 hacks that will make your house cleaner than it's ever been are BRILLIANT! I've just tried out a couple and my home looks so AMAZING! I'm SO glad I found this! Definitely pinning for later!

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