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German. 1860s Fancy Dress costumes.

circus performer story idea - "The stork," a man who is in the circus because of a deformity, but has the most pure and romantic heart of all, and falls in love with someone whom he is too shy to speak to

When we came to realise that of all the pleasures, carrots, burrowing, jumping, the greatest of all pleasure is sex, we went forth and multiplied to pass on the pleasure to future generations. Now, you go and do the same.

Halloween has been one of the most popular holidays for a long, long time now. These 20 vintage and rather creepy ass pics prove it. Thanks to Jeff Ward for the images. Hit the link inside to check out more from him and his website.

World champion Charleston dancer Bee Jackson

Intensia the Witch had no use for tradition head gear and undistinguished wands.

Weird vintage circus photo

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Vintage Halloween costumes