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this makes me want to travel with a best friend again.

electronic devices have muddied the reality of the classic American road trip. Yes, a GPS makes not getting lost much easier than using maps, but then there was always a little fun in getting lost, no? Cell phones are the real culprit. Without cell phones you had to enjoy the scenery and company, now with cell phones you get to loathe both of those when you're not in cell range. Shame.

Often the stalking hipster will freeze, and pretend he is invisible. Be careful not to frighten the stalking hipster in these quiet moments, this is when he is the most fragile.

Columbia River Gorge, OR Voigtländer Bessa R2 35mm Adventures. Twitter for regular updates:Parker Fitzgerald

adventures with friends are the best! @Chelsea Rose Carlson reminds me of the adventure cru!

Someone had this tagged as crib art and actually, I love the idea, it takes a village to raise a child. This would be a cool pic with all your friends/family or anybody who helped you tremendously through your pregnancy or raising your child.

i would like this to be what my backyard is like when i have a house one day . invitin' highschool kids over

A good seat and a good view make for the perfect afternoon siesta.

birdasaurus: Bethany Marie FUCK ALL OF THIS, no forgiveness, no mercy, no coming back !! not this time !