Tabata protocol is one of the most effective and best fat burning workouts out there. The best thing about it…you only have to do about 20 minutes of tabata intervals to get the same aerobic benefit and calorie burn as running several miles or slogging through 40 minutes on the elliptical trainer.

love quick workouts like these

Tabata workout ---> One of the best Tabata Workout. Check our video

Top 10 Belly Fat Burning Foods


burns 1,000 it!!!

15 minute workout

Tabata workouts

7 Minute HIIT Workout

"Take It Anywhere" Tabata Workout

flat stomach tips

burn a 100 calories

SUCH good tips. the worst part of running for me is the breathing, super glad i found this!

A Couch to 5k

Running Plan

Jillians No-Equipment Workout (16 minutes). Do as many reps as you can in one minute."

20 minute living room workout.

Week 1: Run 2 min, walk 3 min; repeat 6 times Week 2: Run 3 min, walk 3 min; repeat 5 times Week 3: Run 5 min, walk 2 min; repeat 4 times Week 4: Run 7 min, walk 3 min; repeat 3 times Week 5: Run 8 min, walk 2 min; repeat 3 times Week 6: Run 9 min, walk 1 min; repeat 3 times

Tone It Up: The Fat Burning Treadmill Workout

At-Home Tabata Workout - Good, quick cardio

20 Minute Workout fitness 6-pack-abs