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Tie dye Shirts with sharpie markers, make Fire Work shirts for the 4th of July all you need is a sharpie, and a spraybottle #TieDie, #DIY, #...


How to Tie Dye T-Shirts with Sugar

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How to Tie Dye T-Shirts with Sugar! An easy non toxic way to tie dye! #summer #DixieCrystals

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Tie dye Shirts with sharpie markers, make Fire Work shirts for the 4th of July all you need is a sharpie, and a spraybottle #TieDie, #DIY, #Crafts, #Kids

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Tin Can Windsocks kids crafts for 4th of july

Crazy Little Projectsfrom Crazy Little Projects

4th of July Tie Dye Shirt

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Win the Pergo® flooring of your choice! Coming home to a wear-resistant, beautiful new floor might be easier than you think.

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Draw on sandpaper with crayon, turn upside down, iron onto T-shirt. how proud will kids be to wear their original art designs!


You Won’t Believe What We Used to Tie Dye These Clothes

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Amp up a basic tank top with THIS tie dye method.

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Omg Do You Live For The Beach? I Am Obsessed With This Towel! I Even Use It As A Blanket, It's so soft! <3 Everyone Is Always Asking Where I Got It So I Figured I'd Share! Shoutout to My Mate For Taking This Awesome Pic of Me! "Discover the latest beach styles photographed on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!"

Firecracker Tie




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4th of July crafts

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Diy tie dye shirt with bow. 4th of July shirt

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July 4th crafts, Drip Paint Vase, perfect for kids or teens. DIY Red, White and Blue Vase #DIY, #Crafts ,

Etsyfrom Etsy

4th Of July Tank Top, Independence Day, Tie Dye Stars Stripes, American Flag, Red White Blue, Beach Bikini Cover, Sleeveless, Beaded, Fringe

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4th Of July Tank Top Independence Day Tie Dye Stars by Sunjunki

HelloGigglesfrom HelloGiggles

a Positive Community for Women

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How to get sharpie marker off your carpet, the fastest and easiest way to get Sharpie marker off your carpet #Sharpie, #DIY, #ParentingTips

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Tutorial- Tie Dye with Sharpie Markers! LOVE!!!

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La Cremafrom La Crema

The Perfect Swirl: 4th of July Tie Dye

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4th of July Tie Dye DIY - the Perfect Swirl #tiedye #4thofJuly

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4th of July Tie-Dye T-shirt from School Time Snippets

My Frugal Adventuresfrom My Frugal Adventures

DIY 4th of July T-Shirts (Sharpie Tie-Dye)

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DIY 4th of July T-Shirts (Sharpie Tie-Dye) The ingredients you need to pull together: Plain shirt or any other clothing item you want Sharpies in any color Isopropyl Alcohol Eye Dropper Iron Cute kid