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Herringbone detail painted atop this night stand that has been made "Beautifully aNew." This would look so cute in a child's bedroom!

An impressive #airship #sketchbook #drawing by Christian Lemos (@xian_l) entitled Caravansary. A castle sits atop a floating mountain of stone and crystal accessible only by drawbridge dirigible and hot air balloon. People travel far and wide to visit the fortress however the reason for the pilgrimage is unknown potentially even to the pilgrims themselves. There is A LOT going on in this illustration and I love every little bit of detail. The flying ships and balloons are almost lost in the…

"Beacon of Hope" was released in March 1994. This painting was the first in Thom’s series of lighthouses. Two crosses appear in this work. The first is found with the sailboat making a cross figure. The lighthouse hosts the second cross high atop the beaming tower. Thom said that this work “celebrates not only the longing for salvation, but the power of art to express that aspiration.”