John Bauer, "Bergaporten"

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Lucia by John Bauer

Glad Lucia!

Lucia stamp design - The Swedish artist John Bauer influenced Arthur Rackham. He worked in the early part of the c, but his career was cut short by a tragic boating accident that drowned him, his wife & their young son.

John Bauer (1882-1918) - Artworks from 'Julklappen', 1912

by John Bauer, illustration from "Julklappen", 1912

Julbocken av John Bauer, 1912

A brief article on the Viking roots of modern Christmas, a tradition actually stemming from the ancient Germanic Yule celebration during the winter season.

Lena dances with the Knight - John Bauer 1915

“Lena och riddaren dansa” / “ Lena dances with the knight ” Signed John Bauer and dated Watercolour, heightening white, indian ink and pencil on paper. This illustration was created by John Bauer for W. Björk’s fairy.