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Order of Operations Poster Project

Order of Operations Task Cards with QR codes! An easy way for students to check their answers.

Order of Operations: This order of operations poster makes a great anchor chart for students learning the order of operations.

Here is a great, fun way to teach students about Order of Operations. Students get to make their own "pet PEMDAS" mobile from a large selection of pre-made templates. The activity will help students to understand order of operations, because as the hands and feet rotate so do the operations (from left to right). The lesson and activity is already created and is offered as a digital download for $6.99

order of operations Middle-school Math Art

Addition/Subtraction Posters

order of operations

Order of Operations

Math: Order of Operations

Math-o: Order of Operations

order of operations

Order of operations

Here's a baseball themed order of operations poster to help students think about how to simplify expressions.

Order of Operations Poster

Order of Operations Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

Order of operations puzzle

Order of Operations

5 Dice: Order of Operations Game http://www.mathfilefoldergames.com/my-math-apps/5-dice-order-of-operations-game-app/

It's the Incredible Integer Theme Park! Integer operations review stations. Students will practice: Comparing and Ordering Integers, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Find the Blunder, and Order of Operations Integer Challenges. 4 cards per "ride" and they get progressively more difficult. Perfect for differentiation!

Order of Operations Color by Number Halloween Witch. Have kids create a colored question drawing for other students in the class and then pass them to a partner! Fun to do and they can learn math! This can be done at any age group!

Integer Operations separated to provide repetitive work on each concept: Adding with SAME signs, Adding with DIFFERENT signs, Change Subtraction to Addition, Multiply/Divide, and Order of Operations. #integers