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MOSCOW — A Moscow court on Friday launched the trial of three feminist rockers who face a possible seven years in prison for performing a "punk prayer" against Vladimir Putin from the pulpit of Russia's largest cathedral. The case of the three members of the band Pussy Riot has deeply divided Russia, pitting advocates of openness against the forces of order and the powerful Russian Orthodox Church. The three had been held in jail for more than four months without a single court hearing.

Pussy Riot: Russian prosecutors asked for a three year jail sentence for the three members of Pussy Riot, saying their crime of singing an anti-Vladimir Putin song in a church was so "severe" they deserved isolation.

Pussy Riot trial: closing statement denounces Putin's 'totalitarian system'

Three members of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot said Vladimir Putin's Russia was the one on trial as they delivered closing arguments on Wednesday in a case seen as a key test of the powerful president's desire to crackdown on dissent.

unite visual imagery of Orthodox culture with protest culture => Orthodox culture doesn't belong to Church, Patriarch, or Putin

Three of its members — Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Yekaterina Samutsevich, and Maria Alyokhina — were sentenced to two years in prison for having the temerity to reveal that Russia's democracy is an emperor without clothes. The official charge against the three young women was “hooliganism,” which sounds like something out of a “Dennis the Menace” comic, and the trial itself was a cartoonish mix of judicial intimidation, religious hypocrisy and rote political thuggery.

Stephanie Kwolek invented Kevlar, the tough, durable material now used to make bulletproof vests. In 1963, she found a polymer in which rod-like molecules all lined up in one direction, which she thought would be stronger than other materials. Her material was so strong her coworkers were afraid it would break their testing machines. She had created a substance that was ounce-for-ounce as strong as steel.

Marie Curie - 1st female professor at Paris U, winner of two Nobel prizes - which she donated, discovery of two elements as well as radioactivity

“That she had so completely recovered her sanity was a source of sadness to her. One should never be cured of one's passion.” ― Marguerite Duras, Ravishing of Lol Stein