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Our world is certainly evolving. During my high school years I didn't have a cell phone and now I'm quite addicted. Still not as bad as some according to this info.

I like the spiral design of the infographic. Good for skillset / duties part of resume?

Is Texting Mangling the English Language?

If you aren't on a smartphone, you are seriously behind times! Smartphone Usage Statistics 2012 [Infographic]

Just like we used to get cassettes to work again after the Walkman chewed them... You guys -do- know what cassettes are, right?

If everyone left their phone charger plugged in all day, it would waste enough electricity to power 28000 homes -- SCARY!

How #Smartphones are becoming the the New Credit Card #mobile #payment

INFOGRAPHIC: 90 per cent of 18-29 year-olds sleep with their phones | Mobile content industry news | Mobile Entertainment

Apple could by every single NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL team. Smartphones impact on the world - #flowchart #infographic #smartphone