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How to audit your brand to make sure that it's SUPER CLEAR and SUPER AWESOME! (Plus free checklists!)

Is your brand clear? Does it communicate who you are and what your business is? How to audit your brand ( Plus free checklists )

We all see the income numbers. Blogs showing how they earned $100, $500, or even $31,271 in a single month. While those number are pretty enticing, it can be hard to know how to make money blogging. This post outlines simple ways to earn a bit of extra cash from your blog using Pinterest.

How To Use Pinterest to Make Money Blogging

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The Secret to a Gazillion Blog Post Ideas

The Secret to a Gazillion Blog Post Ideas

What type of blog posts should you write? The kind people are searching for. Look at how many monthly searches happen for blogs.

What types of blogs are the most popular?

Wondering what type of to start? Maybe this list will help you decide!