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    Out of the 35,000 #N600s sold in the U.S. in ’69–’72, only about 300 are still on the road today. Repin if you wish you had one in your garage! #FirstHonda

    Red leather interior! Our #FirstHonda had #swag! What’s in your Honda?

    Even the #FirstHonda had an unexpectedly spacious and comfortable interior. That trait keeps getting passed on to this day.

    The #N600 was initially compared to a motorcycle with four wheels because it was small, fast and fun to drive. Makes sense, considering it was powered by a large motorcycle engine. #FirstHonda

    The first #N600s were sold at Honda motorcycle dealerships because there were no Honda car dealerships in 1969. #FirstHonda

    At just 10 feet long, the #N600 was even smaller than American “compact” cars. #FirstHonda

    Americans were accustomed to much bigger vehicles in the late ’60s. This challenge inspired Soichiro Honda to make the #N600 an innovative vehicle. #FirstHonda

    We love showing off our #FirstHonda. What does yours look like? Show us your #FirstHonda!

    Tim Mings discovers the #FirstHonda ever made for the U.S. #N600

    The #N600 was modeled after “kei” or “small” cars from Japan. Repin if you think smaller is better. #FirstHonda.

    The #N600 was small, but its price tag of $1,395 was even smaller! #FirstHonda.

    The N in the #N600 stands for “norimono,” which means “vehicle,” in Japanese. Did you name your #FirstHonda?

    We released our #FirstHonda, the #N600, in 1969! Re-pin if you’re driving one of its grandchildren!