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several different icing recipes including a crusting buttercream icing

Post-Baby Ab Rehab Workout - states that crunches are NOT what you need to doing lots of, since it targets the ab muscle thats been stretched most by pregnancy. 6 pilates moves to do at least 3 times per week.

great ab workout for love handles and thighs

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At Home Crossfit Workout from 3 moves, 25 minutes, 1 killer workout! #crossfit #workout #fitness #athomeworkout

How to work all the muscles in your #core. Remember, strong core= strong back and pretty much every other muscle. #justdoit #fittip #workout #fitness

20 Fittest Foods for your Fridge. (I like how it tells you how many servings of each per week)

This protein smoothie helps Reduce belly fat because of the ingredients in it....blueberries, bananas, and almonds! Just looks so good!

Weight Watchers Broccoli Salad (3 Points+ Per Serving)

Yum! This original Skinny Mom, Skinny Chicken Friend Rice recipe! Is HEALTHY chinese food! RE-pin for when your craving chinese food but dont want to sabotage your waist line!

These Thigh Thinning Workouts are a must have!!! Repin and read to get killer thighs :)

30 minute, no equipment workout

30 day squat challenge

5 excercises to burn 200 calories in under 3 minutes

Detox Diet - tips for month/weeks before wedding, vacation, reunion, etc.

Drop the Weight With Our Beginner's Workout Schedule - If you're trying to drop pounds and are new to the whole exercise scene, then knowing exactly what to do can be a struggle. Since #cardio, strength training, #stretching, and days of rest are all equally important, here's a weekly schedule to help you balance it all out and still see results.Drop the Weight With Our Workout Schedule

How to tone thighs in a month. challenge accepted.

One minute ice cream - Frozen berries, Greek yogurt and honey in the blender! I want to try this!

Pineapple Mint Green Monster-- Great way to start your day with veggies!

We asked trainers for their personal favorite ab move of all time to help you sculpt a killer core

4 Tips to Beat Gym Intimidation! GREAT ideas for people avoiding the gym rush because they aren't sure how to use equipment.

You will win!!!

Skinny Mom loves this workout video! Awesome Arms and Sculpted Upper Body in 20 minutes! Repin and do for a workout that will burn fat and sculpt muscles in little time!