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As I have been experimenting with my ideas, i love this shadow image which i have created. The image itself is so interesting, i love the fact that the knees are curving with the image and its as if he is walking across the street of Newcastle. As this is me experimenting with my ideas I will be putting a bit of fashion in there too when it comes to me making my final piece.

This is a portrait created my Miss Lakuna who looks at creating creepy yet stunning portraits. I really love how she makes them look like something none human and like demons. I would really like to create something similar to her work for my final piece I think it will give me really strong results for my final piece.

This is the same image as I have previously uploaded but it shows how I have edited it to show a lack of identity even more. I have edited this image by burning holes through it. This image was inspired by the artist Heitor Magno as he burns holes through the model's face in many of his images.

This photograph is taken by a mysterious not very well known photographer named anmagdan. Anmagdan basis her work around mental health, all of her photographs have some sort of art work on the models, this appeals to me due to studying art myself and I would love to include art into my portraits. Anmagdans photos, this image especially give me a load of ideas; to use all sorts of media to create these images, and include a obvious shocking background meaning(in anmagdans case mental…