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This image is just brutal. I may not share the artist's (Lee Teter) views on things, but art works that way. and this always leaves me with the same feeling: fuck war.

Paratroopers retake their seats from D-Day. I can only imagine the stories that were told that day.

Veteran paratroopers sit in the restored Dakota plane they flew in the Battle of Britain

18 photos that will inspire you to thank military families today

The family members who couldn’t wait for their solider to be dismissed — and the soldiers who couldn’t hold back smiles

. . . heroes

The Vietnam Memorial for those fallen soldiers .

Brothers-- heart breaking

"a picture is worth a thousand words" does not do justice to this photo. My heart breaks just looking at the faces of these brave men as they carry the casket of a fallen comrade.

This is a great reminder…

Veterans Day Stuff ★ a Gallery of USA American Patriotic Photographs, Clipart a Veteran Prayer and Poem, Free United States of America Patriotic Pictures, Symbols and such honoring all veterans to celebrate Veterans Day or Armistice Day; United States of

Respect to all veterans. Goes along way.  God bless our veterans

We're not against the soldiers, we're against the war . respect and support all veterans, old and young.

The Wall Reflects The Nation's Servants In War.  The Free Must Pray for the Brave!

Vietnam War Memorial, The Wall

Remembering comrades-in-arms known and left behind, or a friend or relative who never came home.  The Vietnam Memorial (aka, "The Wall") is simple in conception and execution, but it is incredibly powerful.  The black granite wall, and the people and mementos left there each day, evoke a strong, almost visceral. emotional response every time I go.

Tribute at Vietnam War Memorial


we salute you, thank you for your sacrifice

Old Glory Never Fades.   Jim honors each soldier with a little flag.

honoring the veterans this Memorial Day. My thanks to every Vet and serving Military person in Americas Arms Forces

REMEMBER    ----    If you allow others to repin freely then I invite you to do the same from me!

Every citizen Should appreciate the many things that veterans do. Going to a parade, writing a card to a loved one who served, or just thanking a random veteran will mean so much more than you think it would

God bless them all and thank you for the sacrifice that you and your families make daily in order to keep America safe and free!  HF2

Poppy by George Kirk

Private Ryan

Real heroes don't wear capes they wear dog tags

March 20, 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The Post-Dispatch embedded photojournalists in Iraq in the beginning months of the war. A look back here at some of those moments.

10th anniversary Iraq War: P-D staff photos

Honor out fallen soldiers and pray for our troops. God help the ones left behind to grieve their loss.i hate war, prayers to all who are over seas at this moment for strength from the Lord all might~amen