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  • Carrie Heningham

    "This slender pillar Hwætred, Wæthgar, and Alwfwold set up in memory of Alefrid, a king and son of Oswy. Pray for them, their sins, their souls".[

  • Unnarr Windweaver

    Cyneburh was a wife of Aldfrith but this was a common name at the time and might not refer to Aldfrith's wife. Alfredir was king of Northumbria, and died around 664.

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32 Cuthbert. Cuthbert meets Ælfflæd of Whitby on Coquet Island, Bede's Life of Cuthbert, 12th century.

This stone was at one time in the south aisle of the choir [Rutherford Lairs/Jedburgh Abbey], but was removed by the Marquess of Lothian [Kerr], for "the purpose of obtaining a correct drawing" and moved to the north transept. [Kerr burial area] However, it is now on display in the visitor’s center of Jedburgh Abbey.

"A part of the Gosforth Cross showing, among other things, Thor's fishing trip." Yes, the Gosforth carvings seems to favor Norse mythological material dealing with gods combating monsters. And by monsters, in this case, they seem to mean, specifically, Loki's children Jörmungandr and Fenrir.