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    "This slender pillar Hwætred, Wæthgar, and Alwfwold set up in memory of Alefrid, a king and son of Oswy. Pray for them, their sins, their souls".[

    A part of the Gosforth Cross showing, among other things, Thor's fishing trip. Signed "Magnus P" in the lower right corner.

    Jedburgh Abbey, Anglo-Saxon Tree of Life

    Copper-alloy, gilt, 1.65 grams, 16.68 mm. 6th-7th century AD. A finely detailed pendant in the shape of an axe head with a broad bilinear gilded border with a section of transverse billeting on each edge. Pendants in the shape of weapons are a known custom of Germanic females from later Roman times; the commonest shape is the shield (the ‘scutiform’ pendant), but miniature swords and spears are also known. Pelta-shaped fittings are a common format in the 6th and 7th centuries.

    Woven Ribbon with gold metallic threads - Anglo-Saxon - 9th Century

    Disk Brooch, early 600s Anglo-Saxon; Probably made in Faversham, southeastern England; Found at Teynam, southeastern England Gold, cells inset with garnets and glass, border inlaid with niello

    Anglo Saxon grave reveals 16-year-old girl laid to rest with a gold cross | Mail Online

    Golden bird pendant, Europe, 1000 A.D.