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  • Winson Ng

    F-22 Raptor Inverted thrust Vector ripping through the sky. My dream fighter jet

  • C'est La Vie Jolie

    F 22 Raptor. Am I the only one who has the soundtrack of Top Gun playing in her head while looking at this pic? Every time I see any kind of fighter, I always think of that movie. CHAIR FORCE MY ASS.

  • Military Travel Exchange

    Military Travel Exchange: F22 Raptor

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the last F-22- hopefully not really the last!!!

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F-22 Raptor 8 by driko, via Flickr

F-22 Raptor - Note the Vector Paddle angle in afterburner to the angle of the Raptor. That vectored thrust enables extreme angle of attack

F-22 Raptor: $350 million First conceived during the Cold War as an airframe to vie with Soviet aircraft that was never built, the F-22 is touted by manufacturer Lockheed Martin as the best overall combat plane in the world — not to mention the most expensive. It can shoot down enemy cruise missiles, fly long distances at supersonic speeds and avoid nearly all types of radar detection. But the Senate debate over whether to build seven more — at a taxpayer cost of $1.67 billion — eventually came down to the plane's job-creating abilities. The axed project would have employed 25,000 Americans.

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