.Caregivers need to remember this

As difficult as this is, sometimes all you can do is walk away...it's gotta be mutual, not one person making the effort....painful yet reality


It's fun! For me, that is. >;)

If they ask you about me, tell them: "She was the only person that loved me with honesty, and I broke her."

Fight or Flight. Much like life, relationships are not immune to change. Remembering this when you are wading knee deep in difficult times is a challenge. Trying to figure out where the shift or sense that “something is off” feeling with someone came from can be frustrating. The who is not important, just the fact that it is matters.

There's only one me. Remember that.

This is so true! Stop wasting time on someone who is soooo NOT worth it!!! If they don't value, respect, and cherish you walk away. Love yourself enough to move forward. I promise you're worth it!!!

If you become someone's second priority, never allow them to be your first. Eventually they'll admit to being bad at math, but you'll have already done that calculation for them.


You get me?!!


I love this quote.

Don't waste your time; you are in for better things!

Definitely! Travels, adventures, people, opportunities, etc... but most importantly my kryptonite... you came out of nowhere, changed my life, perspective and my heart... I never in a million years would have ever thought that you would be the man who changed everything!

so true



when you start looking at people's hearts instead