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Mashup poster of Empire Records (one of my all time favorites) with Star Wars (another all time favorite)

Magnum Force

Faux Star Wars Movie Poster: Magnum Force starring Han Solo as Dirty Harry

19 Wonderful Reasons To Rewatch "Empire Records" (like I *really* need even a *single* reason to rewatch, other than it's just plain one of the best movies EVAR.)

19 Wonderful Reasons To Rewatch "Empire Records"

Liv Tyler in a mini kilt Released in Empire Records combined a record shop, mini-kilts and an amazing soundtrack to create the ultimate teen movie.

BRO  This is so sad

I know that feel bro. Some are super heroes so yeah. Ooh look at batman and then at stitch

Type: Helvetica, Bauer Bodoni, Times, Rockwell, Trade Gothic, Empire

Creative Station: The Force of Typography, Darth Vader. May the force of Typography be with you.

Star Wars Cupcakes

Om Nom Nom Nom: Star Wars Cupcakes [PIC]

Big Bang!

The Big Big Bang! How to Play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock! In love with Big Bang