Laughing quietly to myself...

I can't stop laughing.....

Been there. Pinned that.

The comment.... Hilarious

I was born in the wrong era. Clearly.

Be honorable. Apologize even if it's not your fault. But, at some point, you have to just give haters your sincerest blessing and let them go... You did your best. The ball's in their court. Pray for them but don't look back. Your conscience is clear. Move on. (Sept 2011)



In everything give thanks

This is so true!!! Hahahaha. omg my students do this all the time! I hate it but after seeing Mr.Bean, I don't know why I can't stop laughing

for LARA

Ha. Seal.


Works every time

I could not stop laughing at this

my dilema!!


Hear it in your head in his voice...

Hahaha!!! I wonder if this works?