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    Use pipe cleaners to make your crochet 'bendable' {i.e.make bunny ears and flower stems stand up...could use craft/floral wire also} Would be great for hat brims.

    • Susie Bee

      Crochet pipe cleaners into your project for added structure. Example: bunny ears stand up and now can be posed!

    • Karen CarrollMeyer

      Crochet techniques ....... Using pipe cleaners can help structure your yarn fabric; this technique was used for bunny ears

    • Julie Solomon Howard

      Use pipe cleaners to make your crochet 'bendable' (for example, make bunny ears or flower stems stand up) | Crochet Bunny Costume Pattern | Taraduff's crochet and other stuff | #crochet

    • Melissa Walker

      Crochet pipe cleaners into your project to make bunny ears... or anything else that needs a little structure.

    • Lady A

      Crochet Pipe Cleaners Into A Project To Give Structure To Bunny Ears Or Anything Else That Needs Structure

    • Patricia Bogatschow

      Taraduff's crochet and other stuff: Crochet Bunny Costume Pattern Bunny Ears:  take 3 silver pipe cleaners and twist together into one long straight line.

    • Sara

      Crochet pipe cleaner into a project to give it form (like when crocheting bunny ears!)

    • Ann van Gaalen-Prentice

      Crochet pipe cleaners into your project to give structure to a project (bunny ears?)

    • Janet W.

      Taraduff's crochet: How to use pipecleaners to stand up Crochet Bunny Ears

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