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1946. A crowd gathered in front of movie theater Cinema Royal at the Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam for a showing of the movie Zeeduivels (Captain Caution) with Victor Mature, Leo Carillo en Bruce Cabot. Photo AHF Collectie IISG / Ben van Meerendonk. #amsterdam #1946 #CinemaRoyal

'Rond worden als een ton? Boter, olie en vet v.d. bon!'. Bord op toonbank. Mevrouw Van Meerendonk als klant.

1948. Queen Wilhelmina tours through the center of Amsterdam. Photo AHF Collectie IISG / Photo Ben van Meerendonk. #amsterdam #1948 #QueenWilhelmina

1947. The Blauwbrug over the river Amstel in Amsterdam. On the right nursing home Amstelhof. The Blauwbrug (“blue bridge”) is an historic bridge that connects the Rembrandtplein area with the Waterlooplein area. The bridge was named after a wooden bridge painted in the color blue that was there around 1600. It was replaced in 1883 with the current bridge which was inspired by the architecture of the bridges over the Seine in Paris. Photo Fotima / J. G. van Agtmaal. #amsterdam #1947…

1947. Fireman with nozzle on bike at the Blauwe Brug over the river Amstel. Photo AHF, collectie IISG / Ben van Meerendonk. #amsterdam #1947 #amstel

1949 - 1954. Two girls and a dog in the Jordaan section of Amsterdam. Photo Kees Scherer. #amsterdam #1949 #Jordaan

November 3, 1946. Crowds gather in front of the Leidseplein Theater (now Chicago Social Club) in Amsterdam for the sold-out performance by the Wim Sonneveld Cabaret. Foto Ben van Meerendonk / AHF, collectie IISG, Amsterdam. #amsterdam #1946 #leidseplein