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Call of Duty 2016 Will Be Set in the Far Future, Say Rumours - IGN

Call of Duty 2016 terá combates no espaço diz rumor - EExpoNews

Overwatch - Hero Reveal - Ana Amari

How does new hero Ana fit into the Overwatch metagame?

We promised to do the story together. I won't have a Warlock until we make good on that promise. Dork

Idea: Raspberry Pi or other small computer system, inside rotating Ghost Shell, suspended by wire near office. Channel Cortana through?

a   thiefs  end    a  video  game

Sorry, Uncharted fans. Naughty Dog has postponed its upcoming game once more.

Alguien ha Encontrado a Un Nuevo Resident Evil 4 Huevo de Pascua, 12 Años Después de la Liberación

12 Years Later, Resident Evil 4 Remains The Most Important Third-Person Shooter Ever

Here’s the problem with both Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman

Foto Melissa Benoist

Two weeks after her epic crossover with The Flash, on the penultimate episode of Supergirl season Kara must race against the clock to save her friends from Non & Indigo's mind control.

Awesome New JUSTICE… https://www.comicbookmovie.com/justice_league/awesome-new-justice-league-tagline-spotted-on-crew-member-t-shirt-a148381

Those lucky enough to have worked on Zack Snyder's Justice League were gifted some very cool t-shirts, and along with the movie's logo, we get what may be a brand new tagline for the upcoming release.

Should You Come Back For Destiny’s April Update?

Destiny update: Summer DLC release date revealed as Bungie talk endgames changes

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Godzilla | Legendary

'Godzilla Will Be Written By 'Superman' and 'Krampus' Writers

Bungie Breaks News About the Queen of the Reef

Bungie Breaks News About the Queen of the Reef