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Nagina Wadi

#AhmedabadwithKids Nagina Wadi is situated in the middle of Kankaria Lake and it is additionally funny island. There is a laser light and musical fountain show in the evening that has now become a landmark for the Kankaria area. The nearby Kankaria Lake is a also residence to several water sports attractions like speed boat, jet ski, zorbing. If you are lucky, you can get a chance to go on a balloon ride as well. All of these attractions have made it a hub of entertainment.

Science City

#AhmedabadwithKids It is huge, actually HUGE! For kids you can try the musical fountains. They don’t exactly dance to the music, but they are nevertheless worth a visit. No comparison to the ones you might have seen in Vegas smile emoticon The largest 3D screen, The ‪#IMAX theatre, present in the midst of this very city, again worth a visit. A guaranteed taste of entertainment to the kids, and the adults as well. visit our blog post:

The midst of the Kankaria Lake of nagina garden is de-facto very superb in Ahmedabad City. It’s situated in the middle of Lake additionally Funny Island. This can be a circular island with a little castle like building. Kankaria lakefront visitor are notably at visits in nagina Wadi. There is additionally a facility cuisine with a laser and musical fountain. This is a special place for the elderly, as well as young generation and kids.

Kankaria Lake

#AhmedabadwithKids It is a wonderful place for kids in the age group of 5 to 14 years. A little-mini-city where kids can get the best of education as well as entertainment at the same time. It is a miniature replica of typical city, complete with roads, buildings, retail shops and all kinds of motor-vehicles playing in a modern city. For more such awesome places in #Ahmedabad visit our blog post:

Sarkhej Roza

#AhmedabadwithKids A huge, beautiful monument, moreover a photographer’s paradise. Best visited in the early mornings. It doesn't have any specifics for kids, but open space is something our ‪#‎kids‬ so need. There is a proactive community trying to restore the roza. A heaven for the architecture admirers, holds a typical crafting of pillars and monuments, that would easily become a mouth watering visit for an architectural lover. A proud part of our "Garvi Gujarat" #Ahmedabad #SarkhejRoza

Kankaria Lake

#AhmedabadwithKids Located in the heart of Ahmedabad, Kankaria Lake is the largest lake in the city and a regular hangout spot for the locals. For those looking forward to some action, there are plenty of options to choose from. There are water rides, boating, zorbing, food stalls, and if you are lucky, you can get a chance to go on a balloon ride as well.

Gujarat vidhyapith

#AhmedabadwithKids This is a museum depicting life of the tribes in the region. It came into existence with the establishment of ‪#‎Adivasi‬ Research and Training Center in 1962. Details about Adivasi life style, clothes and other aspects of their life are displayed in a lively manner in the museum. Their religious symbols and marks, ornaments, musical instruments, household things, instruments of professions, clothes and the toys for children are displayed in different sections.

Kankaria Zoo

#AhmedabadwithKids We are sure that every one who has grown up in Ahmedabad has been here once. It has not changed much but is really clean and well maintained lately. Moreover it is well shaded with trees and keeps cool even in hot summers. Do carry a stroller for you little one as it involves a lot of walking. For more such awesome places in ‪#Ahmedabad visit our blog post:

Swaminarayan Akshardham

#AhmedabadwithKids The Laser Water Show - a breathtaking and an enchanting addition to the Swaminarayan Akshardham complex in Gandhinagar. The show reveals India’s ancient secret of inner light through an Upanishadic story of Nachiketa. Irrespective of what your religious beliefs are, this show is a MUST MUST MUST watch. It is absolutely world class in its execution and is mesmerising to see such vivid visuals coming out of thin air.

Amdavad ni Gufa

#AhmedabadwithKids An underground art gallery in #Ahmedabad, "Amdavad ni Gufa" features the works of the famous artist Maqbool Fida (M.F.) Husain. A place your kid would love to be in. A perfect one if "art" is one of his/her hobby. Get him/her to "Amdavad Ni Gufa" and see to how it soothes him/her. The caves are in the form of domes, covered with the mosaic of tiles. A"would love to be into" place for any art lover. Do visit once!