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matisse, entrance to the kasbah

BBC Matisse: A Chapel designed by Matisse at the end of his career. Amazing, that I have never seen!

Artist Mirka Mora

Matisse Chapel Vence

Henry Matisse...his museum in Nice France is so wonderful. It has all of his later works where he actually cut shapes to form art

David Hockney - Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool (1964)

"Lane of Olive Trees" -- 1919 -- Henri Matisse -- French -- No further reference provided.

Fibonacci Sequence. Add the two previous numbers to make the third. Make them into squares = spiral.


Tree of Life' Stained Glass behind the Altar in the Chapel of the Rosary at Vence - Henri Matisse

Matisse's Tree of Life - in the Chapel of the Rosary

Henri Matisse. Vestements display. Photo: Lawrence Chard. Image:



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Henri Matisse - 1942




Matisse painted Collioure, one of my favorite places in France...or quite possibly the entire world.