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BBC Matisse: A Chapel designed by Matisse at the end of his career. Amazing, that I have never seen!

matisse, entrance to the kasbah

Matisse at work

Henri Matisse

Kirsten Hassenfeld - beautiful paper gems sculptures

La Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence (Chapel of the Rosary in Vence), France...Henri Matisse's Chapel...

Artist Mirka Mora

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David Hockney - Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool (1964)

'Tree of Life' Stained glass behind the Altar in the Chapel of the Rosary at Vence, 1948-51 by Henri Matisse

Fibonacci Sequence. Add the two previous numbers to make the third. Make them into squares = spiral.


ellsworth kelly - brushstrokes-cut-into-49-squares-and-arranged-by-chance-moma-1951

Confidence, 1922 (oil on canvas), Henri Matisse

/ Henri Matisse


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Henri Matisse