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      Rare Pomeranian Colors | Pomeranian Puppy Rare color Chocolate Lavender is a Female Pomeranian ...

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    The Red Fox: Males are referred to as reynards, females as vixens, and young as kits, pups or cubs. A group of foxes is a "skulk", "troop" or "earth". Their main diet is insects, reptiles, berrys and nuts. They, like squirrels, are hoarders. They gather, eat just enough for the day, and then store the rest for snow days.


    Goat on a ledge

    young donkey

    This is a Fennec Hare...he looks like a kitty bunny. What?!? Why have I not heard of this animal???

    North American Bison | The endangered wood bison, the largest land mammal of North America.

    A Beauty ~ Albino Whitetail Fawn

    little lamb

    KEEPING IT CLEAN! FINALLY! Duckling Care & Brooder Ideas - BackYard Chickens Community

    Young Caracal by Skyler Hughes. Caracal, sometimes this animal is called a desert lynx or an African lynx. Experts disagree on whether or not a caracal is truly a lynx. The caracal is also commonly known as the Persian Lynx or African Lynx despite the fact that the caracal is not a lynx at all. The caracal is thought to be most closely related to the African golden cat and the serval. Caracal is a Turkish word meaning "black-eared". SWAHILI NAME FOR CARACAL: Simbamangu


    | Mountain Gorilla, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda; photo by David Hobcote

    Mountain Lion


    Ostrich Chicks

    How to Identify Animal Tracks Infographic (Link has many other camping related infographics)

    cute!! baby pine marten


    Barred Eagle Owl

    Caribou, also known as Reindeer, are found in northern regions of North America, Europe, Asia, and Greenland.

    Marmosets' tails are roughly twice as long as their bodies. (Bernd Settnik / AFP - Getty Images)