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It has been thrilling to chat with so many teachers that are 1:1 with Chromebooks in their classrooms.  The idea of students having access to technology and being able to utilize it througho…

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Comparing Numbers Test for Google Classroom

Comparing Numbers Assessment on Google Forms for 4th Grade Common Core Standards. Great for: 1:1 Classrooms, technology, Google Classroom, Place Value, student data and more!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Google Drive Biography Report for Google Classroom

Great for Chromebooks! A complete Biography Report utilizing file sharing with Google or Microsoft OneDrive. Printable version included! Use this report to engage students either in the classroom or at home using a 1:1 device environment. This original product is provided through web-based Google file sharing, contained on the Internet 'cloud' and allows you and your students to access, edit, and print files from any computer or device.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Google Classroom Reading CVC words

Google Classrooms for kindergarten Fun new Reading strategy using Google drive. Reading CVC words is a perfect way to assess phonic skills. Are you going 1:1? Digital reading is the perfect way to embrace technology. For use in Google Classroom.

from Erintegration

Screen time in the 1:1 classroom

Tips for reducing screen time in the 1:1 (or close to it) classroom. Definitely something worth reading if your students are spending a lot of time in class on devices!

from Erintegration

Emojis in the Classroom

from Erintegration


Valentine's Day technology integration ideas for the elementary classroom. Creative ways to use iPads, PCs, and Chromebooks that your students will LOVE! Use Doodle Buddy to stamp an array with the Valentine themed stamps and more fun activities!