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Ways to Poke Holes in the Darkness

All about what you can do to make the world a better place. If you're a christian, it's your duty. Muslim, still your duty! Human, all yours, this darkness.

What Would You do on the Isle of Patmos

I’m not much of a historian or even one for reading and enjoying historical accounts, but recently I’ve been drawn to the story of John the Revelator and his Isle of Patmos experience. Who is that? I think I can hear many of you asking. Well you know the books of the Bible? Well John …

Things You Are Not Doing That Are Costing You Money

There are things you are not doing that are costing you money, lots of money! Read what you are doing that is costing you money.

How to Forgive and Forget

Here’s my disclaimer to this post on forgive and forget to start off with: It is not easy, but it is so worth it! Have you ever been hurt and hurt and hurt by the same person? Feels like torture, doesn’t it? But the right thing to do is to forgive! The forgiveness part …

Responsibility - is it God's or mine

Have you done your good deed today

Good deeds for yourself A good deed done for yourself or better yet, for someone else, can leave you feeling refreshed. Taking a few minutes to be thankful for the chance to see a new day, still in your right mind and without debilitating pain or illness is a great ‘pick me up’ mood enhancer. …

25 Things Frugality Has Taught Me

Are you looking to cut costs and save money? Learn how being frugal has helped us put more cash back in our wallets.

My new favourite quotes

If you're looking for inspirational quotes to relax with and contemplate on during your devotional or quiet time, you can use these. I really love them.