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Bloso Hofstade

victor bourgeois - bloso hofstade

Bloso Outdoor is an outdoor sports facility near the Belgium village Hofstade. This area is famous for it's many abandoned buildings structures.

Kantine Domein Hofstade, Victor Bourgeois 1937

Bloso, by Piposieske

Hofstade - Belgium

An abandoned pool in Hofstade, Belgium, is now swan lake.

Hofstade - vervallen deel

An abandoned outdoor pool in Hofstade, Belgium

Hofstade Urbex. Great place, really beautiful!

provinciaal domein kessel-lo

WorldWideWaCCo.blogt: Urban Exploration - swimming pool Hofstade (Belgium)

provinciaal domein kessel-lo

Cinema Aegidium, Belgium

Beringen - Mijnmuseum

Hulshout - Villa Janssens

Genk - C-Mine

mas antwerpen

Abandoned Places Belgium - St. Kamillus