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    • Angela Luber Rhea

      Writing Center

    • Mama Leash

      dead words - Super Synonyms. Home Schooling. Instead of using these words, use a better one!

    • Miss One

      Synonym ideas....can't find it on the link but good idea for anchor chart

    • Leslie Farmer

      super synonyms - have students start their own in their writing notebooks and keep adding to them throughout the year

    • Sarah Pike

      #English Vocabulary - All About Super Synonyms

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    Synonyms-exactly what second graders need this time of the year to expand writing vocabulary!

    The word ‘said’ is dead… I want my art kiddies to draw me a burial scene beneath my Promethean.

    Synonyms for "said". As a person writing a book in first person. THANK YOU WHOEVER MADE THIS!!!

    Great idea for a writing center that would free up classroom space.

    Instructional Chart: This chart can be placed in the classroom writing center to give students synonyms to replace simple words. It can be used both as a tool for their writing or as a dictionary to decipher word meanings during reading.

    This is a reference list of synonyms for the word

    One of the most boring and banned words in classrooms is ‘went.’ There are SO many synonyms that you’re simply trying at all if you stick with the word ‘went.’ Lucky for you, there’s hundreds (literally) of other ways to express yourself using the English language.

    First Grade Fresh: Workstation Revamp! {& Silly Sentences}

    A freebie that can be used as a reference in a reading and writing notebook ( which this blog also talks about in detail)