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Bumper sticker troll…

#Watchout for the #idiot #behind me #rear #bumpersticker #LetsGetWordy

Accidentally boiled water for an hour before figuring out the burner was broken. . . Oops.

Girl power, it can also be adorable.

[ I've been around a couple hundred seal pups in my time...but this guy may be one of the cutest! -Jen ] baby seal


If This Doesn’t Make You Want To Visit Peru, Nothing Will

If This Doesn't Make You Want To Visit Peru, Nothing Will


Some Say He Is Still Wandering The Aisles

Some Say He Is Still Wandering The Aisles. Help Me Wife Won't Leave. LOL!!!! Poor Husband. Michaels Craft Store. Hobby Lobby.


Knee Appalling Tan Flavor

Knee Appalling Tan Flavor: I looked like this after band camp a few times. Tan...Sunburn...white.


Every Time I’m Sick

Recommended Dosages Are For The Paranoid


Things I’ll do this new year…

Honest New Year's Resolutions, failed, failure, Lowered Expectations, easily distracted, being human, 2013, 2014


How I Feel At The End Of My Favorite TV Show

Lol. So true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it just me or does everyone feel this way towards there favorite tv show