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    • Carey Morgan

      If that wasn’t beautiful enough, the jewel Caterpillar turned into such beautiful butterfly after metamorphosis. Nothing can be compared to the beauty of nature where a single glimpse of any such adorable species can make your day.

    • Tropical Entomology

      This furry vibrant orange moth is Acraga coa, belonging to order Lepidoptera, family Dalceridae, and is found in Central and South America. These beautiful insects transform from the amazing jewel caterpillars (posted previously). photo by David Brownel

    • Branding Hive

      The Jewel Caterpillar of the moth species Acraga coa. Captured by: David Brownell #orange, #caterpillar, #moth

    • Jennifer Medina

      What the Jewel Caterpillar turns into: "Dalceridae, and the species is Acraga coa." Dr. Scott Miller, The Smithsonian Institution

    • Travis©

      Adult form of the jewel caterpillar, Acraga Coa See my comment on the caterpillar... this guy is just weird.

    • Linden Whitfield

      Adult Acraga coa moth. The Most Incredible Transformation EVER! From Glass Jewel (see Jewel Caterpillar) to Fuzzy Flier.

    • Jurema Rodrigues

      "Lagarta transparente é fotografada no México" Fotógrafo flagrou o animal raro, pertencente à espécie 'Acraga coa', em uma árvore próxima a Cancun. O fotógrafo amador Gerardo Aizpuru encontrou um exemplar da espécie Acraga coa ainda na forma de lagarta, próximo a Cancun, no México. Conhecido como "Jewel Caterpillar" (algo como "Lagarta Preciosa", em português), o animal possui aparência translúcida, que funciona como uma forma de camuflagem.

    • atom jack

      final form, jewel caterpillar... - (orange)(moth) - #jewelcaterpillar #orange #moth

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    The Most Incredible Transformation EVER! From Glass Jewel to Fuzzy Flier. : This is the "glass jewel" caterpillar of the moth species Acraga coa. Don't forget to see what it becomes! (also on this page) ->



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