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    Phoebe on how to play the guitar

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    Rachel: All I wanted was just a few hours outside of work to see Joshua, so he can go ahead and start falling in love with me. Phoebe: Awww, Pheebs. Rachel: Honey, that's your name. Phoebe: That's short for Phoebe?! I thought that's just what we called each other. Friends TV show quotes

    Phoebe: Ummm, Phoebe Buffay. Man: How do you spell that? So we can get it right. Phoebe: Oh okay, it's P as in "Phoebe", H as in "hoebe", O as in "oebe", and E as in "ebe", B as in "be be", and E as in "Ello there mate!" Friends TV show quotes

    Classic phoebe move! Go Phoebe

    Friends Things We Remember: how Phoebe runs

    Phoebe! haha

    Rock, Fire, Water Balloon! Oh how I love FRIENDS! -@Maggie Sarlo this scene is what I'm always talking about when we talk about rock paper scissors !!

    oh Phoebe

    Monica: Phoebe, do you think your favorite animal says very much about you? Phoebe: You mean like behind my back? Friends TV show quotes


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    Peephole frame from Monica's apartment on Friends | Cool TV Props

    Phoebe Buffay

    Why this might be the greatest set of yearbook photos in history. | 31 Things Only "Friends" Fans Will Appreciate

    Hahaha I love Phoebe :)

    YES!!! "Oh come on will! Just take off your shirt and tell us!" -Phoebe {friends}

    "If it's a girl, Phoebe. And if it's a boy, Pheebo." Phoebe Buffay about naming Rachel's child. Friends TV show quotes

    Phoebe: It's gonna happen! Ross: What? Okay, how do you know that? Phoebe: Because she's your lobster! Chandler: Oh, she's going somewhere... LOVE IT.

    I love phoebe!!!

    22 Signs You're Still Addicted to FRIENDS ---- I have to add "23. You've watched the entire series so many times your husband can correct his female co-workers when they misquote it."