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Summer Struggles of Parents of Teens

Parenting teens is a whole different world than parenting tots! Check out summer struggles parents of teens totally get, and how to deal with them!

7 Tips to Get Kids to Eat More Veggies - OurFamilyWorld

Got a picky eater? Check out these 7 great parenting tips to actually get your child to eat more veggies without a struggle!

Traveling on Foot Tips for Parents with Toddlers

Looking for parenting tips for traveling on food with kids? Check out our ideas to have you cruising around the neighborhood all summer long in bliss!

My Child Talks In Third Person: Is This Normal?

It's a little irksome when your child talks in third person all the time, but is it really a major issue? Check out our thoughts + parenting tips on this.

Parenting with Technology

Parenting with Technology - No Time For Flash Cards PARENTING WITH TECHNOLOGY: sponsored by Luma posted by Allison Parenting with technology can feel scary, here are some tips to keep your kids safer online.

What I've Learned: The Naughty Spot

The Naughty Spot works... until it doesn't. Parenting tips for every parent, parenting tips,#parenting tips

Read later... Empathizing versus lecturing can go a long way in diffusing power struggles and it reinforces that you’re on the same team. This week, if your kids start complaining about doing their homework or chores, instead of lecturing, just say this simple phrase.

The Parenting Books that have Impacted Me Most

This parenting gig is hard. It is certainly not for the faint of heart. Each stage brings new joys and new challenges…and just when you think you have it all figured out, our kids go and grow up on

25 Parents Share The Parenting Hacks They Can't Live Without

Put glow sticks into the bath to encourage dirt-loving kids to take a bath. | 25 Parents Share The Parenting Hacks They Can't Live Without