Altered books

altered book

folded page book art tutorial! FINALLY. I feel bad knowing I'm gonna do this to a book.

recycled book art

Book art

altered books


PRINT: Read Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page


The most read books

Window displays at Anthropologie created from old books

"I would sit in my books igloo and read for hours tbh I WOULD SO DO THIS IF I HAD A ROOM LEFT IN MY HOUSE NOT OCCUPIED" My only problem is that I would see a title I would want to reread, pull it out, and have the whole thing collapse on me.

Altered books

The Best Books Read in 2012. (The author of this article gives some awesome reviews!)


Cool Seat of the best sellers!


sometimes you need things you never knew existed!

Old books as (wall) art. Great for a library or office!


repurpose books