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Type: Paleo Crescent Knife Length:2 3/16" Material: Bone White Flint Age: Late Paleo-Indian - Plano Culture 13,200 - 12,900 Probable Usage: Crescent knife blades are rare. Provenance: Spoon River valley in Illinois, Knox County. From the Delores Hampton Collection near Williamsfield, IL where many of the figurines on this website were found. Acquisition: April 2001

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See The Shocking Faces Of The First Americans

You’re looking at the face of one of the first Americans. Meet “Naia.” She is around 13,000 years old.

Paleolithic Artifacts:Arrowheads & Paleo Points, SPECTACULAR DIAGONAL CORNER TANG KNIFE. ...

First known "art" object: Waterworn pebble resembling a human face, from Makapansgat, South Africa, ca. 3,000,000 BCE. Reddish brown jasperite, approx. 2 3/8" wide... (I'd like to see a lot more substantive evidence to support the 3m year BCE claim for this artifact. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence as the going says. Perhaps it's claimed dat is 300,000 years BCE & the date above is simply a typo? The simplest explanation in my opinion is usually the most likely one. At…

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Spinosaurus may be the larges Theropod to ever stalk the Prehistoric Americas and believed to be even larger than T-Rex.

Olive Oatman, first known tattooed white woman in the U.S. ~ Oatman was 13 when she travelled from Illinois to California with her Mormon family. On the journey, the family were ambushed by a Native American tribe, who killed all but Olive, her sister (who lated died of starvation) and her brother (who escaped). After being sold to another tribe, as a slave, she was tattooed and taken in as "one of their own". She was 'rescued' 5 years later.

Stone tool called a 'point' found at Teshik Tash Cave, Uzbekistan

Eremotherium and Sabretooth Cats by Maurílio Oliveira

Jade Figurine/Pendant -- Circa 4700-3000 BCE -- China, Hongshan culture.