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I love this shot. #blackisbeautiful #inspiration #natural hair

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Do Design - Why beauty is key to everything

Creative research: "This book will inspire you to create better things for better reasons. Things that people will love – for a long time to come." Ability & determination to create good design in visual aspect of ads is the goal

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Poetry Time!

Poetry Time! I'm not much of a poet, but inspiration for any art form does not come solely to those who practice it as a profession.

I found this photo online a long time ago. I keep this around because I feel like it is very inspiring and pure. It is important to society because it reminds us to be strong, no matter how tiny you might seem. Power comes in all shapes and sizes, so believe in yourself.

This nighttime scene is actually a picture of fireflies taken with a long exposure setting. What cool new idea will you come up with? Find more great nighttime inspirations on our Pinterest board:

Inspiring post considering Jesus' invitation in Mark 6:31: "Come away with Me by yourselves..."

It Is Lovely, It Is Enticing, It Is Beautiful, It Is Glowing..... It Is the Ankara Collection!!! Check It Out and Get Inspired with the Effortlessly Fabulous & Unique Styles - Wedding Digest Naija

vintage emerald diamond edwardian engagement ring

I never fail to enjoy writing for this girl she is so lovely German nail beauty @jnaiiils is nothing elegance and perfection Her nails leave me speechless everytime I have never come across a girl who's nails just leave me in suspense so much She is a special one of a kind The amount of polishes she has is unbelievable I've never seen anything like it Would you believe me if i told you that she has nearly 400/500 polishes?! That's one of the biggest nail polish collections that I have…