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Meridian Massage to Relieve Low Back Pain >>Big Tree School of Natural Healing

White nights by Juanfer Penagos--my photo bucket list

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The word Qigong (Chi Kung) Means Breath Work Actually it means skill (Kung) with chi (calligraphy steam or vapor over rice). For more on the ideogram chi, see lightkin.blogspot...

Tai Chi, an ancient martial art characterized by slow, flowing movement and meditation, benefits patients with Parkinson's.

When you're practicing #taichi, do you ever picture your ball of #energy like this?

The use of the eyes in traditional Tai Chi Chuan is an often misunderstood or even unknown element of training in many schools. So then,..

The four elements: earth, water, air, fire, create all life.

White nights by Juanfer Penagos--my photo bucket list

Wishing you good health and flow along your Way

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Our body as a tensegrity structure (Model copyright of If we take a look at the drawing of ‘spiral Qi lines’ by Chen Xin taken from his book, Illustrated Explanations of Chen Family Taijiquan, what seem like random circular drawings around the body were possibly an early attempt to explain the concept of fascial integrity with what was familiar to Chen at the time – spiral Qi.

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**The Key to Longevity** ----- In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are considered the “Root of Life". --- Qigong Exercises to Strengthen Kidney Qi

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Corby's Orbit: Getting Next to the Falun Gong

"My body grew lighter and lighter. I felt as though I were riding effortlessly on an invisible horse." –Robert Peng on training the body, training the mind from his essay: “My Journey to Quigong Master” in Parabola Magazine latest issue. Read it here:

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Remember, power is not acheived through muscular strength but by flow & development of intrinsic energy.

Dragon's Breath OF Fire is the skill of body-mind exercise that intergrates body, breath and mind the three adjustment into one and cultivating the flow of Qi throw out the body and incorporate the Five elements and the balance of Yin - Yan.

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