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https://flic.kr/p/9s4wCk | Giambattista Tiepolo - The Immaculate Conception [1767-69] | Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (March 5, 1696 – March 27, 1770) was an Italian painter and printmaker from the Republic of Venice. He was prolific, and worked not only in Italy, but also in Germany and Spain. While his painting is infused with the Venetian spirit, his luminosity is not seen in the previous masters; however, Tiepolo is considered the last Olympian painter of the Venetian Republic. Like Titian…

Tiepolo, Giambattista The Immaculate Conception 1767 - 1769 The Virgin Mary appears on the globe of the World and the crescent Moon, stepping on the serpent of Original Sin and crowned by the Dove of.

*sweet smile* =^..^=

~sweet sub~ Since You crave the word "please" whispered from my lips. hear it now - "please, Sir.

Lucky Bird Charm for good fortunes. Handcrafted art by feng shui master, China Rose designed specifically for Bird (Phoenix / Rooster) Zodiac sign and Virgo Star constellation to enhance good luck and protect good fortunes. Increases all (3) Lucks: Man Luck, Earth Luck and Heaven Luck. Keep your good fortune lucky and with you at all times. Crafted for the luck of your life!! Great as a gift, lucky talisman and personal token of esteem.

Lucky Bird Charm | 2015

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The Great Brotherhood Is Returning -- Who is in the Great White Brotherhood? -- What is Their Purpose? Sananda Speaks! | Metaphysics

The Great Brotherhood Is Returning -- Who is in the Great White Brotherhood? -- What is Their Purpose? Sananda Speaks!

Do what you can today and also sustaining hope for tomorrow. When faced with negative thoughts, it is important to generate posiive thoughts to fight against them. This is nothing less than victory in life. by Master Ryuho Okawa

Ein Plan aus dem 19. Jahrhundert zur Errichtung der Weltregierung mit Hilfe von drei Weltkriegen. Illuminatenprotokolle aus dem 19. Jahrhundert. Schauen wir uns in diesem Zusammenhang die jüngste E…

This picture represents Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's relationship. Lady Macbeth, in this case, is the puppetmaster controlling Macbeth's thoughts and action.

germ@namur: Van Morrison

Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl (Original Version) Your moms favorite song.

Your Horoscope This Week #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/2016/05/112113/weekly-horoscope-may-29

Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here

Ever wonder how to approach someone? Or seduce someone? A good start is finding out their sign. It's corny, we know, but it allows your to adjust your approach, and soon that person will be eating out of your hand. Just keep these 12 helpful tips in mind and you'll be the master of seduction.

How To Seduce People Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Be flattered, if we let you in deep enough to know our deepest secrets.

Sacred Wisdom Chart: Astrology

Virgo are very private people. If they let you into their lives you should feel flattered.

Hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm, 3 of my favorite girls are Virgo

If Your Zodiac Sign Was A Drug… Which one would it be? This is a fun way to get to know all 12 Astrology signs.