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CHYNA - A1100166 - - Brooklyn Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 01/03/17 **ON PUBLIC LIST!** - Click for info & Current Status:

1/7/17 PLEASE HELP! We received an urgent plea from Miami Dade Animal Shelter if we could help Gracie. She is a Pointer mix and we usually do not rescue pointers, but one look at her and her deplorable condition and we said YES. Gracie weighs 22 lbs and should be around 48 lbs, has worms, wounds on her head (someone...

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12/31/16 -Please Help Save Lena 1 1/2 yr. Shelter Dog ASAP!

LOL!!! Please support your local shelters and rescue groups. Won't you open up your Responsible, Healthy, Loving and Forever home to a deserving animal? You’ll be saving a life. Adopt, never shop, and please don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die. Always spayed or neutered and microchip your pets. Thanks 

TO BE DESTROYED 01/11/17 - - Info To rescue a Death Row Dog, Please read this: To view the full album, please click here: - Click for info & Current Status:

The Dog Factory: Inside the Sickening World of Puppy Mills

An investigation into the underworld of America's overcrowded dog farms, the secret shame of the pet industry.

1/10/17 Daisy Needs Emergency Life Saving Surgery To Save Her Life . We Saved Daisy from the NYC ACC where she languished for 3 days bleeding from her anus. Due to the New Years Eve weekend and a legal hold , Daisy received no legitimate medical care . She also lost 5 pounds at the shelter. We had Daisy...

One-Eyed, Deaf Pit Bull Has Spent More Than Half Her Life In A Shelter

Scarlett the one eyed deaf pittie. This sweet dog has been waiting more than 3 years for a home.