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    After parcel post service was introduced in 1913, at least two children were sent by the service. With stamps attached to their clothing, the children rode with railway and city carriers to their destination. The Postmaster General quickly issued a regulation forbidding the sending of children in the mail after hearing of those examples.

    These 40 Photos From The Past Are Shocking, Crazy, Or Both. I Still Can’t Believe Some Of Them.

    She's one of the world's best-preserved bodies: Rosalia Lombardo, a two-year-old Sicilian girl who died of pneumonia in 1920. "Sleeping Beauty," as she's known, appears to be merely dozing beneath the glass front of her coffin in the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Italy.

    the mummy of a 15 year old child who has been dead for about 500 years.found in 1999 near Llullaillaco's 6739 meter summit. An expedition found the perfectly preserved body. According to the Inca she was chosen to go and live with the gods. But in reality she was a sacrifice to the Inca Gods and had been brutally killed in the name of religion.

    How we rode in cars.

    Lengby, Minnesota: 19 year old Jean Hilliard became frozen solid during the night when her car skidded off the road; it was 25 below. Somehow at the hospital, she began to thaw and recovered with only minor scars.

    The Scold's Bridle, a British invention, possibly originating in Scotland, used between the 16th and 19th Century. It was a device used to control, humiliate and punish gossiping, troublesome women by effectively gagging them. Scold comes from the 'common scold': a public nuisance, more often than not women, who habitually gossiped and quarrelled with their neighbours, while the name bridle describes the part that fitted into the mouth.

    titanic in color first class cabin

    Phineas Gage - in 1848 Phineas was working on the railway when a terrible accident saw him receive an iron tamper through his cheek up into his brain and out the top of his head. Minutes after the accident Phineas was up and walking around able to carry on conversation. He went on to recover from his accident but friends and family report that he was a different man, altogether, from the Phineas they knew. This Phineas was prone to outbursts and lacked inhibition. His accident served to teac...

    Created at some point between 1941 and 1943 this poster from the WPA War Services of Louisiana encourages the purchase of war stamps and bonds during WWII: 'He gives 100%, you can lend 10%. Buy War Stamps & Bonds.' Illustrated by John McCrady.

    18 Giant Skeletons And Pyramids Found In Wisconsin

    Michio Hoshino, a Japanese photographer known for his wildlife photography, was mauled to death by a brown bear on the Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia. This was the last photo he took.

    Ruth Becker, titanic survivor. Ruth was twelve when the ship sank, when she was unable to get into a lifeboat with her family she was left on board alone until a passing steward threw her to a lifeboat that was being lowered. She never spoke of the Titanic, her own children never knew she was on board, until she was elderly. Her ashes were scattered over the titanic site in the Atlantic ocean...

    "Due to a shortage of stocking material, many women during the WWII era painted their legs a shade darker and drew a line down the backs of their legs to present the illusion of wearing stockings."

    A soldier rescuing Vietnamese children.

    As an eight-year-old, Mary Ellen Wilson was severely abused by her foster parents, Francis and Mary Connolly. Her case of child abuse led to the creation of the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Image dated 1874. There already existed laws prohibiting cruelty to animals.

    THE LIBERATION OF BERGEN-BELSEN CONCENTRATION CAMP, APRIL 1945. The bodies of two dead children await burial-Please never forget this evil can happen!!!!

    Robert Wadlow, the world’s tallest man in history, with his parents and siblings in alton, illinois, 1935 he continued to grow until his death at 22 when he was 8'11" tall. despite health problems, he never used a wheelchair

    The Goebbels children, dead by cyanide that was administered by their parents in the Führerbunker, photographed after being discovered by the Soviets.

    Residents of West Berlin show children to their grandparents who reside on the Eastern side, 1961

    This photo inside the ghetto of a dying child was taken illegally by Wehrmacht Sergeant Heinz Joest on Sept. 19, 1941. He spent his 43rd birthday illegally inside the ghetto taking pictures. A documentary about his day was made in 1991 titled "A Day in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Birthday Trip in Hell."