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Explore Applying Stucco, House Construction, and more!

Did you know that stucco comes in a variety of textures? Common textures include: lace, travertine, scraped, Italian, and Spanish. Textured stucco adds visual interest, depth, and character to interior and exterior surfaces. By applying different texturing effects to a plastered surface, it’s possible to add architectural highlights, segmentation, or a dramatic look to a home or building.

Cob house interior. Anyone can build with cob. It is fire resistant, bug resistant, earthquake resistant, cool in the summer and warm in the winter, labor intensive but inexpensive to construct, easy to renovate and repair, environmentally friendly.

How to Drill Through Stucco

Stucco is a special plaster that uses portland cement as a base. The result is a durable, cost effective finish for home exteriors. Many people consider stucco to be the ultimate construction material. It is affordable, fire resistant and it retains color well. Apply it to just about any surface, including cement, brick, wood or metal. Drilling a...